Woman of Value Ministry

Vision: Woman of Value is a Christ centered ministry established to:
Assist women in reaching the full call of God on their lives with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and through constant prayer and support
Equip, teach, support and pray for their sisters in combination with praise and worship and under the power of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit
Help women to walk in the bold call that God has placed on their lives and to understand that there is a purpose in their past, present and future
Help women to see that through the Word of God they have value and are destined for greatness by bringing forth the truth and freedom of who they are called to be
Build relationships of sisterhood worshiping Jesus through all trials and tribulations; establishing intimacy in Christ; developing who they are as women, wives mothers, daughters and friends
To embrace the value of women and to equip them with tools to achieve  wholeness of the body, soul and spirit  Matthew 9:22; I Thessalonians 5:23
To provide women with an outlet to seek the Lord and allow their relationship to draw strength and identity so they will no longer thirst  John 4:10
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